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Local, organic, rural, and/or urban, food production is a mainstay of life, and doing it well leads to wellness. From farm to kitchen, discussions relating to food--and the community arising around it--belong here. View Discussions

Chicken Kennel Services Required... 1 Reply

Started by Joeyjojo. Last reply by Ross Moster 14 hours ago.

Milk Kefir Grains to share 34 Replies

Started by Tanya Otero. Last reply by Susan Su Oct 28.

Kefir grains to share 48 Replies

Started by Dalyce Epp. Last reply by Winney Chow Oct 13.


If you have to leave your village, how will you get where you want to go? By car? Preferably not, both for your wallet and the earth’s sake. This category is for all discussions relating to how we all get around. View Discussions

Bike Racks? 1 Reply

Started by Chris Bevacqua. Last reply by Symbiological Feb 20, 2012.

Imagine 4 Replies

Started by Randy Chatterjee. Last reply by Neil Parker Apr 9, 2011.


A human right? After food, most feel shelter is the most important necessity. A place of shelter is also the start of a community. This category is for all things relating to shelter, housing, affordable housing, homes, renewable heating systems, green buildings, heritage, and our built environment in general. View Discussions

Housing Coops 5 Replies

Started by Mary Bennett. Last reply by Lydia Jun 5.

Rental Properties?? 4 Replies

Started by Leah Chevallier. Last reply by Ross Moster Jul 5, 2012.

Indoor paint inquiry 1 Reply

Started by Kristy Williams. Last reply by Matthew Nelson Jun 9, 2012.


Renewable, carbon-based, local, regional, cross-border, steamed from tar, extracted from the wind, waves, or sun, energy is the stuff of modern human life. We can live without it, but few of us would. Rather, we waste it with abandon. Here is the place to discuss our relationship to the powerful force that is nature's fury. Wield it carefully, or not at all. View Discussions

Off Grid Solar 43 Replies

Started by Paul Pilon. Last reply by Paul Pilon Jul 29.


Politics is tactics, economics is strategy. If you want to change the world, change the economic relationship between people, their terms of trade, their relative economic value in the global "marketplace." If the heart of politics is local, the basis of economics is your wallet. Vote with it. That vote will count for more than every other you case. Here is where we discuss the financial ties that bind us together, or rip us apart. Lets make it the former, and let's put us all on a more equal footing. View Discussions

The Sharing Project

Started by Chris Diplock Apr 10, 2013.


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Chicken Kennel Services Required...

Started by Joeyjojo in Food. Last reply by Ross Moster 14 hours ago. 1 Reply

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