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Hello Community!

WANTED: A Permaculturist Mentor

LOCATION: Greater Vancouver Area

DESCRIPTION: I am looking for an individual who has had the chance to implement Permaculture’s principles and its holistic design methods against an urban landscape. Alternatively, somebody who is already gaining traction on how urban landscapes can be transformed (GVA particularly) using Permaculture as the discipline, but has not had the chance to apply their ideas yet. I would like to study under this person, perhaps toss ideas around, and assist/volunteer with implementation. In fact, it doesn’t have to be an individual, it can be a community/group of individuals or an organization.
These are the questions I have and am hoping to find someone who can help me answer them:
1) What are the best methods in restoring/re-integrating wildlife back into the hearts of our cities?
2) Who do I contact/where can I get more detailed information regarding integrated storm water management in COV or the Greater Vancouver Area? I have browsed the COV website, but they don’t have a lot of detail on their project plan.
3) I understand that COV is already in the midst of “greening” itself, but are the strategies effective and sustainable ecologically and economically? Looking at the city’s plan from a high-level perspective, the strategies seem siloed and disconnected. Or maybe it’s just my lack of understanding of the whole process.

In any case, thank you for your time! I hope to get some feedback/opinion/suggestions from anyone who’s had experience in any of the above. In addition, articles, links, etc. are also welcome. Thanks again!

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hi Jo,

let's have tea. those are big questions.
I am in east van and did my pdc in 1999.
i am at 604-440-1515


Hi Jill,

Sounds like a swell plan.

I will call you some time this week to set up a date.

Thanks for the reply,


I am at greentempledesign at g mail dot come
If you send me an email I'll forward some stuff...

I love that you are chewing on all of this.
Here's something with many clues:
Charles Eisenstein:
2014 Slow Living: Plenary
changing our perspective on what we value


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