• Local Economy OLD PAGE Please join new Local Economy page

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    Local Economy Working Group - old page. Please join new Local Economy Network. Next LEN meeting January 13.

  • Transition Cedar Cottage

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    Meet and Greet Tea! (meet the chickens too!) Sunday, February 22 from 1-3 pm) Cedar Cottage Village: TCC@villagevancouver.ca.

  • New Villages? Discussion page

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    If you're in a neighbourhood or community which doesn't have a Transition Village or Initiative yet, use these pages to discuss starting one.

  • Cedar Cottage Seed Savers Collective

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    We are a group of Cedar Cottage-Kensington neighbourhood residents who believe that seed saving collectives can play a vital role in working towards local food security.

  • Energy - OLD, please see NEW Energy page

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    A new group was created for the Energy Team. Go to the pull-down Tab under Groups above to reach it.

  • Inner City Village

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    Inner City Village co-hosts monthly Permaculture Vancouver meet-ups (potlucks, workshops, garden tours - 3rd Wednesday of the month)) at Village Vancouver's Strathcona Park Field House, helps maintains ICV and DTES Neighbourhood House garden plots at Cottonwood Community Garden, helps further Villa…

  • Westside Neighbourhood Food Network

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    VV has been engaging in neighbourhood food network activities on the Westside since 2007. Four years ago, we consolidated these activities under the banner of Westside Neighbourhood Food Network.  We value diversity, help build community, and work towards creating a just, sustainable, inclusive, an…

  • East Van Village

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    Details coming soon.

  • Fairview False Creek South Neighbourhood Food Network

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    NFN sponsored by Village Vancouver. Fairview-False Creek South Neighbourhood Food Network is a collaborative organization working with VV. It is with their help that we have our workshops, Westside Food Festival and Neighbourhood Food Networks, FFCSNFN also provides the community with other project…

  • Village Surrey Transition Initiative

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    Village Surrey responds to contemporary challenges – including climate change, scarce cheap oil, and economic volatility – by making our communities more resilient. We foster community connections, food security, and the development of skills, knowledge and technologies to transition to a less ener…

  • False Creek South Village

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    For neighbours in False Creek South.In collaboration with Re*Plan and False Creek South Neighbourhood Association. False Creek Grill and Chill August 9. Details below.

  • Backyard Gardening

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    The group for all things backyard gardening!

  • Placemaking

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    This Group has been created specifically as a forum and virtual gathering place for the participants of the 2014 Village Vancouver City Commons Placemaking Course. If you are a participant in the course, please join this Group which will be a great place to share ideas with the rest of the class an…

  • Marpole Oakridge Neighbourhood Food Network

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    Started Spring 2013, Marpole Oakridge Neighbourhood Food Network works for a just, sustainable, and resilient food system in the Marpole and Oakridge neighbourhoods. Sponsored by Village Vancouver. For more information, please contact Ross at Ross.MONFN@villagevancouver.ca Marpole Oakridge NFN is a…

  • Fairview Transition Village

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    New neighbourhood village forming in Fairview.

  • Event Planning Team

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    If you're interested in helping plan VV events, let us know.

  • North Shore Chickens

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    We believe backyard hens to be a positive change for the community, adding variety and value to our urban landscape, while reflecting the City and District of North Vancouver’s sustainable living and environmental mandates.

  • Beekeeping North Shore

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    Welcome to the North Shore beekeeping group, representing active beekeepers (both Mason and Honey) in North and West Vancouver.  This is a local chapter of the Village Vancouver Beekeeping Network and was set up to help new and experienced beekeepers on the north shore to connect and share resource…

  • Village North Shore

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    Village North Vancouver is one of the the newer Transition communities associated with Village Vancouver, forming in early 2012.  If you live, or often find yourself, in North Van, please consider joining this group to help build neighbourhood connections and resilience.

  • Permaculture Village

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    Transition is based on, and inspired by,  Permaculture principles. Permaculture is permanent agriculture and permanent culture. We will be approaching 'creating sustainable habitat' in many different ways: regular design & demonstration projects; Social permaculture; workshops. Permablitzes, Blitze…