Beekeeping North Shore

Welcome to the North Shore beekeeping group, representing active beekeepers (both Mason and Honey) in North and West Vancouver.  This is a local chapter of the Village Vancouver Beekeeping Network and was set up to help new and experienced beekeepers on the north shore to connect and share resources and ideas.  This group is currently convened by Lianne Shyry of the Two Bees Apiary.

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  • Joe (Wasp) Franco

    Hello fellow beekeepers!

    I have a colony of honeybees that I need to find a home for ASAP. Please give me a call if you'd like them.


    Joe Wasp Nest Removal Services
    778.628.WASP (9277)

  • Joe (Wasp) Franco

    Thanks for all of the interest! I did find a home for the bees. I will definitely post here again if I have any other homeless honeybees and my swarm list isn't working out.
    If you'd like to be placed on our swarm/nest removal list, please fill out the contact form on our "Honeybee Swarm Removal" page ( Thanks!

  • Stephanie Imhoff

    Just wanted to pass along a few links to other beekeeping networks In Vancouver.

    The North Shore Bee Club
    Membership networking page on Facebook.
    This is an informal club that meets 3-4 times a year. Membership is not specifically limited to North Shore residents and it is free to join.

    The Richmond Beekeepers Association
    $20/ year membership fee (accurate as of 2014)
    The meetings are held in Richmond monthly, however, the majority of members are hobbyists spread over the lower mainland.

    The Langley Bee Club
    This is a formal club that meets monthly in Langley. I understand the membership majority is commercial beekeepers, but hobbyist are certainly welcome too.