Village North Shore

Village North Vancouver is one of the the newer Transition communities associated with Village Vancouver, forming in early 2012.  If you live, or often find yourself, in North Van, please consider joining this group to help build neighbourhood connections and resilience.

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  • Stephanie Imhoff

    Check this super cool plant sharing platform... the more of us get on it, the better it'll be!

  • Linzi Martin

    Seed Swop
    7 March between 11am - 1pm
    at Neighbourhood House, 2nd Street East, North Van.
    Bring seeds to exchange, meet fellow gardeners.

  • Linzi Martin

    Kefir Grains For Sale (dairy)

    Kefir is a healthy drink for the digestive system, probiotic, similar to yoghurt. Prounced 'keefer' or 'kefear', it's the knobbly cream coloured grains that create this slightly sour tasting fermented liquid. The fermentation process changes some of the milk proteins and structure, so making it easier to digest.

    My Kefir grains have been lovingly made from organic cow 2% dairy milk. I've thanked every batch and enjoyed every smoothie I've had.

    Kefir grains love to give you batch after batch (as along as they remain healthy) making for a daily ready supply of probiotic natural drink in the fridge.

    I supply:
    Information sheet with your grains, how to make kefir and tips.
    2 teaspoons of grains per order

    Good health!