Permaculture Village

Transition is based on, and inspired by,  Permaculture principles. Permaculture is permanent agriculture and permanent culture. We will be approaching 'creating sustainable habitat' in many different ways: regular design & demonstration projects; Social permaculture; workshops. Permablitzes, Blitzes or Permaculture Energy Transfer or Pet Day are days that we go on site collectively create systems which cycle energy toward win win win economy. Food forests provide abundant gardens and parks for all, and structures are working in many ways, creating shade, capturing heat, collecting water. Together we will explore ecological urban and rural design.

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  • Jill Whitebear

    Happy New Year!

    Come to the meeting at Kiwassa if you can make it!

    New projects underway!

  • Jill Whitebear

    Short a venue, I will ask Kiwassa for use of their kitchen and adjoining room. How is February 18th for everyone?

  • Jordan B

    Hi Jill, Feb. 18th looks good for me so far! What plans do you have for the kitchen? Just so you know, if we ever need a kitchen for something there is a good one at the Lion's Den Recreation Centre at Commercial and Adanac that their program coordinator says is barely used in the afternoons and evenings and she'd be happy to have other community groups make use of it.

  • Ross Moster

    Hmmm...the next VV Meetup is the 19th, and since about 1/2 of the 25 participants at the meetup on Sunday  at Strathcona CC were Permaculturalists, having a PV meeting and a Meetup on the same weekend might force people to choose between the two, to the detriment of both.

    What about having PV on the 25th?

  • Jill Whitebear

    Oh, sorry I meant to post that in Hasting Sunrise!! I do like the idea of the Lion's Den, though we were thinking about meeting at a private house to make some rocket stoves. So, start collecting big tin cans, stove pipe, small tin cans, and tin snips. Date to come!!!

  • Ross Moster

    No worries!

  • Jill Whitebear

    Thursday February 9th, 2012

    Permaculture Strategies for 2012

    Gregoire Lamoureux has been teaching & working with Permaculture for over 20 years in many parts of the country. He will share his experience of implementing a permaculture design on a small farm in the Kootenays. And he will also be talking about permaculture strategies that can be implemented on a smaller scale in the city. Other topics covered in the presentation will include the challenges & opportunities of working with permaculture in Canada.

  • Jill Whitebear

    Hey, there is not much on here yet...but this looks cool, Landsharing...

  • Jill Whitebear

    Healthy Soil = Healthy Veggies = Healthy You
    with Jesse Lemieux

    Lecture Date: March 1st 2012
    Location: Strut Studios 203 - 910 Richards Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3C1
    Doors at: 6:30 pm (Come Early and Mingle)
    Lecture start: 7:00pm
    Admission by Donation: Suggest $5 - $20 all proceeds to Global Peace Hut, no one will be turned awayWe need not be experts to restore and build healthy, complex and
    resilient soil in our: planter boxes, backyards, and neighborhoods. 
    Successful soil building and thus successful gardening depend upon our
    ability to recognize and implement the simple patterns
    of natural soil production.  Whether you are an experienced gardener; a
    first time balcony gardener; or want to know more about how soil will
    save life as we know it; YOU NEED THIS INFORMATION.

  • Jill Whitebear

    Your village starts in your heart, and radiates outward. Seeds are currency. Trade them for chocolate.
  • Jordan B

    Beautiful Jill!

  • Jill Whitebear

  • Justice Schanfarber

    Anybody in Vancouver want some help turning their lawn into an edible/medicinal/earth and child friendly/low maintenance WILD YARD this spring?

    Let's get dirty and have some fun.

  • Jill Whitebear

    I need some help convincing my landlord...then yes!
  • Justice Schanfarber

    What kind of convincing do they need? Examples? Assurances?

  • Jill Whitebear

    They are really into the lawn. But I have started moving dandelions into the flower garden...I am going to try making dandelion wine this year!
  • Justice Schanfarber

    Lawns... they can be a hard habit to break. Hope your dandelion wine is excellent! 

  • Rob miksza

    lawn addictions are deeply seeded into the suburban psyche...I'd just slowly advance the garden beds over time until one day...oops...where'd the lawn go??? But I'm a bit devilish that way.

  • Jill Whitebear

    she is Italian and appearance seems to be important...I asked her again today... no go...i do have the book Food not Lawns out of the library...maybe some suggestions there...but...I did see a really phat boulevard very close to our house...

  • Jordan B

    Hi Jill, there is a really phat boulevard on Pender between Victoria and Templeton (not sure how close you live to there?). I even put in a community garden proposal for it in November, which the city then turned town. Could be great for some guerilla stuff, though!

  • Jill Whitebear

    oh yeah... thanks for the tip Jordan... for everyone's info:

  • Jill Whitebear

    Hey Permies, we are having a plant and seed exchange, complete with the beginnings of a seed library - please feel free to donate and also borrow some seeds, seedballs giant pumpkins and heirloom rapini.

    Looking forward to seeing some of you there... Adanac and Penticton... In the Hastings Sunrise.
  • Jordan B

    May's VV newsletter will be permaculture-themed! If you have something you'd like to submit, please let us know at Please send all submissions by April 25th for inclusion in the May newsletter.

  • Jill Whitebear !
    Show your spirit and have fun, meet people.
    Kids on bikes, people on bikes...

  • Jill Whitebear

  • Jill Whitebear
    NOWBC is a 50% volunteer run co-op working to bring food from local
    organic growers and producers to local organic eaters around Vancouver, BC.

  • Jill Whitebear

    Come hang at the Permaculture Village...odorless bokashi composting workshop, bazaar, plant and seeds, and come unity!

  • Jill Whitebear

  • Jill Whitebear

    Pandora Park Harvest Festival
    I have booked us for this weekend
    Let me know if you can come and help with the table or have anything you would like to show.
  • Jill Whitebear

    Does anyone want bring Permaculture to Earthdance?

    Sobey has invited us to do an info table.
    it is in Stanley Park 11:30am---

  • Jill Whitebear

    Free Movie to Free the Mind
    this Wednesday at Kiwassa

  • Jill Whitebear

    Small-Scale Organic Seed Production by
    BC Seed grower Patrick Steiner

  • Jill Whitebear

    For any spontaneous, available peeps in the Hastings Sunrise: Seed sorting tonight at Kiwassa. Northwest room. 7-9pm
  • Jill Whitebear

    Please visit the pages off this page. Some are specifically for the Hastings -Sunrise village, so please add similar village building pages for other neighbourhoods or if you have anything to add. A few notes: the seed library is missing from Kiwassa, so please do not visit until futher notice. The bucket out back of Laughing bean also went missing so if you would like coffee grinds in the HS, please ask the staff and then help yourself to any grinds in any bucket with my name on it, and we hope to get a bucket out back again soon.

  • Jill Whitebear

    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin....All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life with me today. I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer....

    To the Creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you.

    To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you.

    To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you.

    To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in this walk of life, I thank you.

    To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you.

    To the Spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages, I thank you.

    To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, I thank you.

    You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live. We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny. One, not more important than the other. One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below. All of us a part of the Great Mystery.

    Thank you for this Life.

  • Jill Whitebear

    Jordan Bober from Seedstock, and Bruno Vernier from the Lower Mainland Timebank will be joining us. Please check out the video by Charles Eisenstein off this link even if you can't make it. The new economy is here!

  • Jill Whitebear

    Permaculture Vancouver Presents:

    Abundance Attunement (All about Community Currencies), Holiday Mixer

    Welcome to the new economy with Jordan Bober from Seedstock BC and Bruno Vernier from the Lower Mainland Time bank.

    Please bring some food to share or $$5 or $5 donation

    We will be meeting in the East West Room at Kiwassa.

    The new Economy is a movement away from the manufacturing based economy to a service based economy or a degrowth with a Grow Your Own food element. Watch An Evning with Charles Eisenstein and please visit

  • Jill Whitebear

    Please join us thursday night for mapping and planning for the year.
    We have an invitation to help build a smokehouse which only needs a very small space - any ideas where we could put it? Also small neighbourhoods grants are up now, so there is some potential funds for projects now. 7-9 pm at Kiwassa, please follow the link above.
  • Jill Whitebear

    Visit your next neighbourhood over and learn about seedstock...
  • Jill Whitebear

    Hastings sunrise teaching garden workparty today 2-5... It is going to clear up! Rain ending early afternoon!
  • Jill Whitebear

    Hastings sunrise teaching garden fencebuilding workparty! This Friday 10:30-2pm.
    Please come help spread the digging between many people! Split rail cedar fence going in. Hastings and lillouet, at lillouet and E. Pender.
  • Jill Whitebear

  • Jill Whitebear

    Greetings everyone,

    It is time for our 4th plant and seed exchange. Join us on Saturday May 4th,
    2013 between 11-2 in the lane between Georgia and Turner St (2700 block) in

    This year we will also have a special sharing of tomato tips at 12:30 pm.
    Rain or Shine. Look for our balloons and signs.

    Take care and hope to see you.

    Beth, Jill, Melanie, Renata, Dawn, Benita
  • Jill Whitebear

    Solstice Slaw!!   solsticeslaw.jpg

    Free event this Saturday at Britannia! yum!

  • Jill Whitebear

    Car Free Day on Main street was awesome! The whole intersection was Village! It was magical even, and a float went by saying next year - a parade! Let's do it! Duncan's chickens were there in a new house with cool shade coverings and word had it that Nate and Asia the beekeeper had her baby - a boy! Face painters were painting kids faces - all as dogs with their tougues hanging out - as it was a dog shop cute! Janine was holding down the centre with her Living Zero Waste display. I asked her if she got a grant...No she said, she just lives this way.

    living zerowaste


    The intersection has a sense of place to it already. It had a flow as people moved up the street from 12th, a big rush of them would come as the light changed and then it would petre out and start again. I was handing out flyers from homesteaders emporium, which were these beautiful colourful flyers about how to make some thing  - almost a workshop on a card, and it was like I was offering worms or jam and it worked, people would take them and then filter in and see the chickens and plant a sunflower, and see solar power and seedboxes! why dont we have Commercial car free day on a different day? many of our friends are over there having fun, but what Ross and us have started here is really becoming, and it is a niche, like a little nest  of wonderment that I can't fully describe because i can't describe a look in peoples eyes, or the way they are all working together... well maybe I could, and I want you to go there too and see and be this becoming. They are going to paint the street near there. Check city commons, the Vancouver Tool Library's project and you can help paint too in July. There will be a week when everyone can go out and volunteer around the city to make 7 places where we can feel...a sense... of belonging?

  • Jill Whitebear

    Events at Nisga'a this weekend:
    Kamloops and Franklin:
    Building a Cob Oven!

  • Laura Arp

    Hello all,
    I am searching for someone who could teach me how to prune my plum trees. I sort of know (like many of us I guess) - but I would like a truly experienced gardener (or pro) show me how. Am willing to pay if needed.
    I also would love advice on growing figs, training a kiwi plant, debugging my young apple trees (yes yikes) and other misc. urban gardening questions.
    Any pro gardening coaches out there???

  • Jill Whitebear

    Support Kits Transistion Village: vote everyday:
  • Jill Whitebear

    Potlatch potluck tonight.
    Bring bread? There will be a pot of soup on.
  • Jill Whitebear

    Neighbourhood event:
    Thursday March 20th at Kiwassa: Redesigning the Future: Compassionate Communication meets Arcology