Permaculture Village

Transition is based on, and inspired by,  Permaculture principles. Permaculture is permanent agriculture and permanent culture. We will be approaching 'creating sustainable habitat' in many different ways: regular design & demonstration projects; Social permaculture; workshops. Permablitzes, Blitzes or Permaculture Energy Transfer or Pet Day are days that we go on site collectively create systems which cycle energy toward win win win economy. Food forests provide abundant gardens and parks for all, and structures are working in many ways, creating shade, capturing heat, collecting water. Together we will explore ecological urban and rural design.

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  • Jill Whitebear

    Permaculture Vancouver this thursday at Kiwassa!
    We are looking for craftspeople for a small marketplace atmosphere.
    Also Frog Song Village Building opportunity in the Kootneys.

  • Jill Whitebear

    Pocket Market in Hastings Sunrise at 2723 turner st.
    plants are available out back, by donation. Please put currency (community or otherwise in the little birdhouse attached)
    Please contact me for fresh veggies.
    Right now there are raspberries, lady's mantel, and lots of beans.
    Available now are veggies are greens, borage leaves and flowers, herbs, cilantro, lettuce; with cucumbers coming up.

  • Scott Andrews

    Hi there, my name is Scott and I just moved into the Dunbar neighbourhood. I have access to a nice backyard garden but it dreadfully overrun. Is anyone interested in helping me get it on track? I am happy to share everything that is grown in the garden.

    Best regards,