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In which Vancouver neighbourhood or other community do you live?
Kitsilano, West Point Grey
Please tell us which areas of Transition interest you. For example: growing more food/urban agriculture, relocalizing our economy/local currency, Permaculture, transit, energy efficient buildings, the arts, urban homesteading, preserving seed diversity, placemaking, potlucks, outreach, organizing events, community-building, having fun while saving the world, or...
producing, preserving, and preparing food, growing more food/urban agriculture, Permaculture, energy efficient buildings, the arts, urban homesteading, preserving seed diversity, outreach, organizing events, community-building,
There's a saying that "Transition is not a spectator sport". It's true! Village Vancouver runs on people power, and engaging in activities and projects together helps us accomplish more. Which groups, networks, neighbourhood villages, or projects do you think you might be interested in getting involved with? And what knowledge, skills, resources or other assets can you bring to the mix? (Don't be bashful!)
I am a professional artist. I make art (non-toxic printmaking, photography, video, and installation art with ordinary objects). I also do/teach improvisation dance/movement, vegetarian cooking, upcycling,
What would you like to see improved in Vancouver or in your community regarding sustainability or resiliency? Do you have an idea for a new Transition project or activity?
How to buy and possess less, to reduce waste, to do DIY in time-efficient ways
I agree to read and abide by the Site Guidelines under the About tab on the navigation bar, remaining respectful in all communications on this web site.
Don't feel like answering all the questions now? No worries, just tell us briefly why you're interested in joining at this time, and you can come back and update your profile later.
I immediately fell in love with Vancouver when I first moved to the city as a young person. I loved the hippie-influenced cultural spirit for community building, open society, difference as equality, sharing, etc. After 10 years of absence till last year, I can see undesirable changes that have happened in the city. Money-grabbing mentality is prevailing in the city. I want to stop the capitalistic downfall of Vancouver, and bring back the lovely city that I used to know.

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