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Kits Village Recycling Depot

Drop off your clean plastics at our monthly recycling depot! The recycling depot is organized by VV, Kits Village Vancouver, Westside Neighbourhood Food Network and Kits Community Centre. This event is held on the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month (if COVID protocols allow). Please pre-sort your plastics. 


Location: Kits Community Centre. The depot is held on the patio outside of the south entrance, immediately north of 12th and Larch. 


Recycling categories: 
1. Soft plastics, i.e. any plastic bags, wraps or packaging, 
2. Hard plastics, i.e. any hard plastics (#1 thru #7, but w/metal parts etc. removed), 
3. Styrofoam blocks, 
4. Styrofoam containers (white), i.e. cups and food take out containers,

5. Styrofoam containers (other colors),i.e. cups and food take out containers, 
6. Styrofoam peanuts and other "soft" Styrofoam, 
7. Wax lined beverage containers, 
8. Foil lined bags (packaging and wraps). 

Check our website for updates on the date/time for the next Depot! 


What birds should you recycle? 


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