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In which Vancouver neighbourhood or other community do you live?
If you don't live in Vancouver or are in another neighbourhood or community we did not list, please tell us where home is.
I divide time between Trans Indus Ecovillage in Bangalore and Vancouver
Please tell us which areas of Transition interest you. For example: growing more food/urban agriculture, relocalizing our economy/local currency, Permaculture, transit, energy efficient buildings, the arts, urban homesteading, preserving seed diversity, placemaking, potlucks, outreach, organizing events, community-building, having fun while saving the world, or...
Permaculture, Ecovillage Movement, Organising Events , Arts, supporting and creating projects, community building , having fun, outreach and urban food gardens, seed saving , wellness , inner ecology
There's a saying that "Transition is not a spectator sport". It's true! Village Vancouver runs on people power, and engaging in activities and projects together helps us accomplish more. Which groups, networks, neighbourhood villages, or projects do you think you might be interested in getting involved with? And what knowledge, skills, resources or other assets can you bring to the mix? (Don't be bashful!)
I am a Trustee of the Global Ecovillage Network, a permaculturist, Co-creator of Kai Farms Philippines and the Green Unconference and very passionate about collective wellness and inner ecology. My skills span across - Network Weaving
Catalysing and Connecting
Whole System & Design Thinking
Green Educator
Ecovillage Trainer
Permaculture and Healthy Food Systems ( grow your own food )
Events and Facilitation
Deep Listening and NVC
Mediation and Counselling
Yoga for wellbeing especially women and Birthing
Wellness and Healing
Writing and speaking

My experience covers - Interior Design Business
Co-creator Kai Farms ( permaculture Farm in Philippines )
TDG Sustainability Leadership Circle
Co-convenor Green Unconference
GENOA- Counsel , fundraising, partnership, Community care
GEN Trustee
TI Ecovillage lived experience - solar, bamboo architecture, ecological interior design
Teaching yoga, meditation and healing and loving trees and mother earth
What would you like to see improved in Vancouver or in your community regarding sustainability or resiliency? Do you have an idea for a new Transition project or activity?
Involve restaurants in VV and build a movement like the slow food movement. Create more collaborations and partnerships for events. Workshops/ build community of practice for Inner ecology, wellbeing and regenerative leadership.
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