Grandview Woodland (Commercial Drive) Village

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Commercial Dr. VV holds a monthly potluck & workshop the third Thursday of every month starting Jan. 2013.  See below for details.


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  • Jordan B

    Free fermentation workshop being offered on Commercial Drive by Alyssa Kohlman on July 8th, thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant! Space is limited: register at to reserve your spot!

  • TL

    The potluck and chicken lesson were both lovely! Thank you Alyssa, Jason, and everyone who made the amazing food!

    Rosie and Cookie were fabulous as well -- very chill about the mess of people in their coop! Glad to have a chance to interact with them.

  • Alyssa K

    Hi everyone, my lovely red bike with the huge black basket got stolen on Monday, April 28 from my yard near Commercial Drive.
    Please keep your eyes peeled! It's a pretty distinctive looking bike, and my primary mode of transportation.