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Effective Transition around human health, including among other things, nutrition, recreation, and mental health, is dependent on a healthy population. Both improper diets and illnesses of all kinds are an enormous drag on societal function and effectiveness. They also have a huge carbon footprint.

One aspect of nutrition as it relates to Transition to a low-carbon, post Peak Oil world is the carbon footprint of the various foods we eat.

We can look at our diets as a major determinant of our global climate footprint. The Meat Eater's Guide to Climate Change and Health by the Environmental Working Group (a large non-profit charitable research company with offices in Washington DC, Iowa, and California and no financial connections to agribusiness) is now out, and begins to put numbers, carbon footprint numbers, to some of the major food categories you consume. Read it (by clicking the link above and downloading the report), and begin to make some changes in your diet to save the earth. Every little bit helps.

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