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I received kefir grains in the summer and have been giving some away to family and friends as the grains have been growing. I'm now in a pickle as I have run out of people to offer them too. If anyone is interested in having some let me know. I think I have enough to share with 4 people right now.

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Oh my goodness, I have a waiting list of people waiting for mine to grow.  I get complete strangers calling me from everywhere ...Vancouver out to Abbotsford even.  Can I give them your contact information?

If you just put the word on Craigslist...they will be pounding down your door!


Hi Leanne! Wow, that is quite amazing. Thanks for the tip, I think I may try Craigslist. If you have anyone who is in Vancouver, or commutes into the city, you can pass along my email address: Thanks again!

If you have some around still, I would like to try making my own kefir!

Hi Anita! Amazingly I am now finding myself in the same situation as Leanne, I have a list of people wanting grains. I have been contacted by 2 other people before you so if one of them no longer wants the grains I will let you know. I only have enough for 2 more batches to share.
Here's the link I originally used to find my grains: Toronto Advisors. The website has a terrible layout but it is pretty legit. The person I got mine from was super nice. Leanne also mentions Craigslist as a source to find kefir grains.

Thank you for the advice!

hello tanya,

i am a new member of village vancouver; but have been browsing the site a few months and noticed the offers for kefir.  it is a while since you posted your offer, but it would be lovely to try kefir if you have any spare grains again.  

thank you very much,

in anticipation,

karenza t. wall


Do you still have grains to share? I would like to try growing some.




Just wondering if you are still in the position of wishing to give away kefir grains? If so, I would be very interested.



Sorry everyone! I was M.I.A for a while on my VV account.
Unfortunately I neglected my kefir grains for a long while and am trying to revive them.
If you are still looking for grains, check back in about 2 months. I also now have a proper sieve so I'm losing less grains down the sink when rinsing.

Happy Halloween!

Hi, I'd love to take some kefir grains if you have any.

Hi Nikoo,
I do have grains still. However since I've stopped having dairy my grains sat in the back of the fridge for a while. I'm now trying to change them over to water kefir (it's not working so far, but I have managed to do it in the past with a small batch).
You can have some of the kefir grains if you like, but I'm not sure how healthy they are at this point. They've seen better days. If you're willing to take them know that you have to give them a few weeks of good care to revive them (meaning leaving them in a jar of milk on the counter for a day or two, toss the milk out, rinse the grains, put them back into fresh milk, let them sit in a jar of milk again and repeat).

I also have kombucha if anyone wants a "mother."

Thank you very much, Tanya, for your reply. I am a newbie to fermentation and I don't think I have what it takes to properly care for your seeds.
I'd better focus on cabbage and beets.


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